BG Art was launched as a full service jewelry boutique atelier in 2012 by Elina Bromberg and Borislav Goynatsky. Company specializes in custom made fine jewelry, handmade engagement rings and wedding bands, one of a kind and unique necklaces and cuff bracelets.
Since its inception in 2012 company launched two new collections, became a Finalist of prestigious JCK Jewelers Choice Award in Bridal Category and most recently loaned one of the rings to the Forbes Gallery in New York for its exhibition “Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age”. Pieces from the new collections appeared in JCK and National Jeweler magazines, as well in online editorials in “JustLux’, “Your Engagement 101”, etc.
Based in Manhattan, the company has ready access to manufacturers and purveyors of high quality diamonds, precious gemstones and fine pearls. As a socially and environmentally conscious company, they use only conflict-free diamonds and natural gemstones — never heated, color enhanced though chemicals or man made.
In the era of mass production, BG Art Jewelry Atelier caters to client who is looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind, high quality and handcrafted. Client, who wants to express her individual style through
jewelry piece she owns.

BG Art Jewelry Atelier works with jewelry galleries and jewelry boutiques, who put emphasis on a design, gem stones quality and exceptional craftsmanship. All pieces designed and handcrafted in New York City.

Boris Goynatsky is the creative force behind BG Art Jewelry Atelier. He has been designing and creating artful pieces, as well teaching jewelry design for more than 15 years.
Boris is striving to create pieces that are simple yet complex, describe unique idea with a singular element, express specific feeling with minimal resource.Some of Boris designs have beautiful flowing lines,some are sculptural, geometric with unusual textures.
Being self-taught and talented jeweler, Boris developed his own techniques. He extensively draws upon his engineering background in creating jewelry pieces. His creations are not limited by the rules and boundaries of formal jewelry making tradition.
In 2009 Boris won the NICHE design award in Wearable Art category. In 2012 one of his wedding bands became a finalist in Bridal category of Jewelers Choice Award, with 5000 jewelry store owners voting across the US.
Boris draws his inspiration from his surroundings, natural world and his travels. For example, his silver Archipelago collection was inspired by the aerial views of Southern Chilean coastline during his trip to Patagonia.

Elina Bromberg has been in the diamond industry for almost 14 years, working for diamond companies in NYC and overseas. She has vast network of the diamond and gem manufacturers and dealers, that allows her to source for BG Art clients the most finest diamonds and gems. Most of all she loves working with private clients on their custom designed bridal and anniversary jewelry…”I meet people during their happiest moments of their lives, whatever it’s engagement, wedding or birth of their child and I feel privileged to be part of those moments…it’s very emotionally gratifying…”