I know you don’t like me to thank you but I must! The earrings are stunning. Usually I design, make and sell jewelry for others and they become business. But these earrings are very special and are part of my wedding day, I’m happy to have an heirloom made so exquisitely and to have something less ephemeral to hold on to from my wedding day. Thank you for your hard work. I will send you photos after the wedding.


~ Kim Rittberg , New York

Dear Elina & Boris,

My ten-year anniversary ring was the surprise of a lifetime.  I could never have dreamed up such a beautiful and unique design.  Your attention to detail and exquisite taste has made this anniversary one I will never forget.  The ring’s bright colors and ornate design stops people in their tracks.  There’s hardly a day I wear it that someone doesn’t ask me about its origins.  Thanks to your superlative talent and dedication I have a treasure that will last a lifetime.    

With gratitude,

~ Melissa Hibbard, New York


I had such a wonderful experience with BG Art Jewelry! Elina is very passionate about jewelry, she is full of ideas and new creations, and she has a vision for beautiful style. Every piece is very unique. The craftsmanship is exquisite!  When I wear my jewelry designed by Boris, I always get a lot of complements.

~ Inesa R., Fort Lauderdale


“Elina, Rebecca said yes and loves loves loves the ring! Thank you so much!”

~ Mark& Rebecca, New York